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Price File

Need to extract a product feed for PriceSpy (Prisjakt, Prisjagt, Hintaopas, leDenicheur) and PriceRunner from your Shopify store? Look no further. Price File is the easiest way to create a product feed/price file for your Shopify store.

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Simple Setup

Just install the app to your Shopify store and your price file is ready within minutes. No configuration is needed. With a few clicks you can also add shipping cost and change file delimiter if needed.

Free Hosting

There is no need to use any third party services to host your price file. Your price file/product feed is always ready on demand at the provided link on the Price File settings page.

Updated Data

Your price file is automatically updated several times every day to ensure that your stores products, prices and stock status is reflected in the price file/product feed.